Tuesday, August 23, 2011


For the almost 13 years Shawn and I have been together, he has never been quiet. Yes, he talks. A lot. To anyone. And everyone. However, this is not quite the quiet I'm referring to. The man sings! CONSTANTLY. Now, he wasn't in choir, he's not necessarily in tune, his beat is a little off and he isn't really all that appealing to listen to but what gets me the most? He does not know the right words to the songs! Any songs! And, he combines songs or makes up his own little diddies that just don't make sense! Plus, he chooses to sing them to Maci while she is losing her mind and I'm a person who can't generally handle more then one noise at a time so this makes my anxiety soar until I usually end up screaming in my head (and sometimes aloud).

Now, why do I care? Why should I be complaining? Shouldn't I embrace this endearing aspect of his personality? Shouldn't I appreciate the bonding between him and Maci? Um, no. Why? Because the damn songs are catchy and get stuck in my OCD head where they get repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated. It's like listening to elevator music all effin day long. Not super decipherable music but audible and just plain annoying. He's got some favorites that he pulls out all the time and then every once in a while he'll throw in Tom T. Hall's "Sneaky Snake" immediately followed by "Wanna Be A Balla" by Lil' Troy. What the fa-hell. What's worse is I then catch myself singing this crazy, dumb ass song two hours later and think where in the world did that come from. Why am I singing "Jump" by Kris Kross circa 1992? Oh yeah…

Anyone out there know what I'm talking about? Can we commiserate? Let's bond over blogging.


  1. poor cousin! unfortunately, this may be where the summa sisters/birthday bonding goes astray...I confess, I am a little bit like your dear beloved husband!

    love you. Good luck!

  2. Music plays in my head constantly. I think I need to get it checked out one of these days.



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