Monday, October 22, 2007

Saucy (pronounced saw-say) Gold

In keeping with the color palette of our 50s, almost faux-like, dentist-office-style brick fireplace, we, yes we, chose Saucy Gold to cover the accent wall (which used to be beige) and Ambitious Amber to cover the rest of the walls in the living room. Ambitious Amber has yet to be opened but we're anticipating it to be a wonderfully warm, somewhat pale and subtle (gasp... Team DeBoer subtle, come on people) compliment to our accent wall. Pictures of this color are to come.

Now, I have to say, I don't know if it's because of lighting or because Thanksgiving is getting inevitably closer, but this wall is starting to remind me more and more of one of the greatest contributions to Thanksgiving dinner, ever - pumpkin pie. In person, the color is only very slightly orange-ish and actually has a lot of brown in it but the flash didn't help this cause. You have to use your imagination (and pretend pocketbook), but someday soon there will be a console table spanning this wall as well.

The remaining three pictures are close-ups of the shelves we hung and the frames that occupy them. These frames were the main motivation for getting this wall painted because they have been sitting on our entertainment center since we moved in (6 1/2 months ago). Also, please note - our pictures of Ainsley and Payton are very out-of-date. If you see or here from their keepers (otherwise known as Mandi or Andy Cornstuble), bug them to get us some new pictures would ya? Also, if you happen to run in to Brad or Charity DeBoer, tell them to get going on a nephew or niece, Norman needs a buddy.


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