Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our New Addition

For those of you who havn't heard, our Jimmy, a.k.a. McLovin, (you must see Superbad to understand this association) has passed. The transmission finally gave way and after we couldn't even go in reverse anymore, we decided it was time to get something new. So, over New Years, we went car shopping. I shouldn't say that. I actually had the flu that weekend so Shawn went car shopping. Luckily he was off of school for break and was able to do all the research and finagling (bull-shitting) to get us a reasonable deal. The dealership even gave us money for our pretend-a-truck! So, here's our new addition, our Eleanor. It's a metallic gray, 2008 Toyota Camry LE. And, it just so happens to be MY work car. Schnazzy!

Goodbye Fishbowl

It only took nine months, but we finally did it. We escaped the fishbowl! Shark-bate, oo-aa-aa! Finding Nemo fans unite! I digress... anyway, we got curtains! The curtain rods are from Linen 'N Things and the curtains are from Ikea. Ikea is so affordable! They are cut and pinned but not hemmed or ironed yet, so set your judgement aside and just appreciate the privacy we've created.

Here are the living room curtains closed. It was a bit tricky with our not-so-beautiful soffit, but it worked. We went with a soft, off-white color to add some neutrality to our bold walls. This picture is nice and warm compared to the others because I left the camera flash off. Fancy ey.

Here are the living room curtains with everything opened and tied together. It's hard to see but the rods are a brown copper with balls on the ends. You'll also notice we added a rug to the living room in a shade slightly darker then the curtains. Last night we had a fire and sat and admired how cozy we had made it... felt like home.

Here's a closer, Norman's-eye-view if you will, of the rug. It's got a burbur texture to it so he can't claw at it or snag it. When he's tired or bored, he likes to pretend things are dirt so he can dig... not the brightest light in the harbor, but by far the cutest!

Here are the curtains we hung in the dining room that cover the sliding glass door leading out to the backyard. We hung them clear from the ceiling to add height and drama and to match the scale of the cabinets. It makes the room feel very dramatic and classy. The color is brownish, grayish, greenish... that's it's exact name. It compliments the countertops and table perfectly.

Here's a shot of them open. That nasty fan is still there but we're working on fitting a new light fixture into the budget and hopefully we'll be able to sell this one. (Sidenote: We did end up selling two things on Craig's List so far, our dishwasher and bathroom medicine cabinet. Pretty slick system.)

Finally, here they are open and snug behind their tie-backs or whatever they're called. These curtains didn't come with cloth tie-backs, so we bought a set that matched the rods and hung them on the wall. All the fixtures are black so they coordinate nicely with our pulls and knobs on the kitchen cabinets.


Over the holiday, we received a belated housewarming present from Sheena... check it out below. The interior of our house has been monogrammed! The sign goes perfectly with our warm color scheme and hangs quite nicely over our pantry door right between the diningroom/kitchen and living room. It's perfect!


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