Sunday, November 25, 2012


That's right, Team DeBoer is expanding.

Cletus the Fetus the Sequel is due June 2nd, 2013 and is the real reason for all things procrastinated. I've been too tired to bathe let alone keep up with other meager details, such as this blog, so I apologize but at last you know why. There are no words to describe the exhaustion although hopefully, now that we're entering week 13, it will subside and energy will once again enter my bones. As with Maci Mae, our doctor was unable to find a heart beat with the fetal doppler so we got to have an early ultrasound again and got to see and meet our baby early again (note the Forrest Gump tone), this time however, with a little toddler in tow.

God bless gender neutral clothing, summer babies with teaching Daddies, a Mae Mo that is more fun then ever and currently obsessed with babies and a Mama who has an excuse to eat around the clock. Life is full and good and for that we are very thankful.

Monday, November 12, 2012


So I just remembered I have this here blog and after more then a month of existing under the radar, I was kindly reminded to get some shit posted. The best I could do for now? That's right, a photo montage. It's this photo montage, however, that's gonna explain why I haven't had time to blog. We've been busy dammit.

First off, there was the annual (obligatory) trip to Wisconsin for apples and cheese. We've been making this trek for as long as I can remember and recently I found the photo to prove it:

I'm on the left, showing a little midriff and Mandi's on the right, sporting the pink, HA!

Fast forward a couple decades:

The husband, the Mae Mo and me.

Next, Team DeBoer visited Axdahl's pumpkin farm for a tradition we started last year. Unlike last year, however, Maci Mae was much more mobile and interactive and was absolutely fascinated by the pumpkins, the animals, the people…

Toddler + bucket + pumpkins = cuteness.

A little Michael Jordan action.

Someone's adorable hiney climbing the barn steps.

Said hiney, full of hay.

Improving on my goal to be in more photos…

Someone took our baby (2011)…

…and gave us this toddler (2012)!

Pick a punkin, any punkin…

"We're getting the special one, Dad."

Toothless, evil laughter.


This ones already up in the house.

That's right, that's my husband. Hands off ladies.

Maci was SO over pumpkins (and pictures) by the time we wheeled away our bounty.

Finally, there was Halloween. Unlike Maci's pink eye costume of last year, we actually put her in something fuzzy and fun. That's right, she went as the world's cutest giraffe.

This was post daycare party, post Trick-or-Treating, post playing with the neighbors… post happy about being in a costume.

This photo comes courtesy of Bree at daycare, where apparently, giraffe's came in pairs.

Hopefully that's enough to wet everyone's appetite… you can't really go wrong with a solid photo montage. That being said, I vow to do a little better with the blogging business… hopefully.


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