Friday, November 15, 2013


It's almost Thanksgiving, so let's talk about Halloween.

First, there was Team DeBoer's annual trip to Axdahl's Garden Farms outside Stillwater, MN. (You can reminisce about our previous visits here and here.) There, we watched a movie, in a silo, sitting on some hay bales…

…and revisited the giant wooden porch swing.

We posed in front of the corn maze sign although said maze didn't actually exist this year…

…and in front of the pumpkin display that was, for some reason, sans the Beetle.

This is where we captured a picture with my favorite caption to date: "I once caught an Ivy, this big!"

Sasquatch and her gourd…

…and Mama and her Maci.

We spotted some hot air balloons…

…and stared and stared in wonder.

Daddy and his girls in front of da barn.

Team DeBoer, take one.

Team DeBoer, take two.

Next came the painting of the pumpkin. The as in singular. As in non-plural. As in even though we came home with four pumpkins, one for each DeBoer, we were left with only one to paint after some asshole stole the other three. That's right, someone stole our pumpkins; mine, Maci's, that she picked out all by herself, and baby Ivy's. When Maci innocently asked what happened to her pumpkin, I had to quiet the profanity in my brain long enough to tell her that someone must have taken them because sometimes people just do things that aren't very nice but that it was okay because we still had Daddy's pumpkin to share, to which she replied, "I like Daddy's pumpkin!"

After taping off the letter, "D," Maci and I went to town.

We were very thorough…

…and quite proud of our painting.

Tape removal was left up to moi…

…and when I asked Maci what the "D" stood for she said, "DADDY!"

Finally, there was Halloween, costumes, trick-or-trunking at school and trick-or-treating at home. Mae Mo did great this year and really got into the ritual. Even more, she really got into the candy and especially enjoyed her some chocolate. (Apple of my eye that one.) Even though we eventually cut her off, we're pretty sure she still vibrated to bed. I'm biased but these two are cute as a bug's butt.

Speaking of butts, this is apparently what a ladybug's looks like…

…and, of course, no bumblebee is complete without her stinger. 

The end. Pun intended.


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