Friday, January 3, 2014


…my house will be clean again.

…laundry will not contain garments soiled in bodily fluids.

…I'll be able to stay up later then 9pm and sleep in later then 6am.

…we'll have "fun money" again.

…I'll have more clothes that don't have holes then do.

…we'll have more then five minutes to eat.

…I'll get the trim of those last two windows painted.

…we'll finish that basement.

…the girls' imagination will occupy them for hours at a time.

…I'll have time to exercise.

…we'll create those photo books.

…I'll learn to operate my camera to it's fullest potential.

…we'll pay off those student loans.

…I won't have to time anything around an electric pump.

…the girls will be able to do their own hair.

…I'll get through all those Real Simple magazines.

…everyone in our house will sleep through the night.

…everyone in our house will be healthy at the same time.

…I'll blog more often.

But for now, for now I'll enjoy these people. Two tiny people I kinda really love, ironically created by two not-so-tiny people I kinda really dig as well.


  1. Someday your girls will read these blogs and go "MOM! You're embarrassing us!"
    Someday your girls will read these blogs and say "Aw, Mom. That is so cute! Thanks!"
    Someday you will have a clean house, it will be quiet and you will have time to sleep, read magazines and go to movies and eat out with friends and love on your hubbie...and all you will want to do is talk on the phone/Skype or jump in the car and find your girls just to hear their voices and see them smile.
    I love your todays and your somedays. Keep truckin' summa cousin!

    1. It will be the most interesting thing to see their personalities develop and to hear and learn what they think of Mama's thoughts on the ol' blog here. While these crazy days seem more then I can handle at times, you're right, down the road I will want nothing more then to be surrounded by them.



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