Monday, October 25, 2010


I once read somewhere sometime ago that couples who sleep butt-to-butt have the healthiest relationships. I don't wanna brag, butt…


MEA stands for Minnesota Education Association. From Wikipedia:

The annual Education Minnesota Professional Conference is the largest professional development opportunity for educators in Minnesota. It takes place the third Thursday and Friday in October. Still colloquially known as "MEA Weekend," that Thursday and Friday are student holidays to enable educators in Minnesota to attend the conference. The weekend is one of the busiest travel times in Minnesota, even busier than Thanksgiving.

In layman's terms, teachers and students in Minnesota get a week off. Think fall break.

As a teacher's spouse, I felt entitled to the same break. So, I took last Thursday and Friday off and enjoyed the greatest four-day-weekend in a long time!

In retrospect, this weekend retaught me some valuable lessons.

1. I enjoy spending time with my husband (and Norman and Leo).

2. A recently cleaned bathroom can be a spa oasis.

3. A closet full of clean, organized and color-coordinated clothes helps deter shopping.

4. Nothing is greater for the OCD mind then quality time with a paper shredder.

5. I can successfully get rid of anything off my curb if it's FREE.

6. The more attractive bed in our guest room serves as a splendid weekend getaway.

7. Naps=happiness.

8. I could not survive without Ruggles Street and it's people.

9. Robert Downey Jr. has been added to my list.

10. New windows+new fireplace=the heat WILL stay off until at LEAST November.

P.S. If you're reading this, thank you. Now, add yourself as a Follower dammit. 

Monday, October 18, 2010


Site of this week's happy hour.

Also site of my last supper with Dad.

I came to this realization today at work after I received the email invite and immediately managed to bum out everyone around me. Instantly I was transported back to that day. The last day I saw Dad, talked to him and gave him two hugs. They were up north snowmobile hunting and stopped by our house afterward. We decided to go eat and I'm not sure what brought us to Grumpys but there we sat for a nice family meal. I had grilled cheese and fries. When we were done eating, we returned to our house, checked out Dad's new snow mobile, compared it to Tys, then they packed up to head home before it got dark. After my second hug, we told them we loved them and they were gone. That was the last time I saw or spoke to Dad. It was the weekend before we got the call. Five days.

I will never forget that day. I will never forget the conversation Dad and I had, about work of course. I will always remember he commented on my hair. It was curly and red – almost back to natural. This made him smile. He had a great smile. Everyone says so. I will never forget the hugs. I thought it odd I got two. Now I'm forever grateful for the second. It's the one that sticks with me. Dad was a good hugger. There is nothing more secure and safe then a hug from a Dad. Nothing more comforting.

I'm not sure how I will do or what I will feel. I am sure, whatever happens, it will be right. He will be there and he will have a drink with me. Pretty sure he'll order Miller Lite.

God I miss him.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Yoga must be sending good vibes my way. For someone who usually feels pretty unlucky, I stumbled upon some fortunate events today. First, I won the fishbowl contest at the local Chipotle. My business card was selected therefore me and nine of my (closest) coworkers get to enjoy FREE burritos this Wednesday. FREE Chipotle. Uh-huh. Then later in the day I scored FREE screen passes to the movie Life As We Know It tomorrow night. FREE passes to a movie that won't even release until Friday. Sha-blam.

If good things come in threes, I'm aiming my new luck towards the Twins. While I believe they don't need such luck to beat the (damn) Yankees, EVERYONE else apparently does. It really is unfortunate the Twins can't get no love from the press leading up to the playoffs. Oh well… everyone loves an underdog. Although Morneau won't be back, Mauer will be along with a few of his friends: Mr. Thome, ROY Valencia, RBI King Young and Team DeBoer's favorite, Big Cuddy. You know we'll be watching! And, if the Twins make it to the ALCS, game 4, we'll be there! Boo-yah!


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