Monday, October 25, 2010


MEA stands for Minnesota Education Association. From Wikipedia:

The annual Education Minnesota Professional Conference is the largest professional development opportunity for educators in Minnesota. It takes place the third Thursday and Friday in October. Still colloquially known as "MEA Weekend," that Thursday and Friday are student holidays to enable educators in Minnesota to attend the conference. The weekend is one of the busiest travel times in Minnesota, even busier than Thanksgiving.

In layman's terms, teachers and students in Minnesota get a week off. Think fall break.

As a teacher's spouse, I felt entitled to the same break. So, I took last Thursday and Friday off and enjoyed the greatest four-day-weekend in a long time!

In retrospect, this weekend retaught me some valuable lessons.

1. I enjoy spending time with my husband (and Norman and Leo).

2. A recently cleaned bathroom can be a spa oasis.

3. A closet full of clean, organized and color-coordinated clothes helps deter shopping.

4. Nothing is greater for the OCD mind then quality time with a paper shredder.

5. I can successfully get rid of anything off my curb if it's FREE.

6. The more attractive bed in our guest room serves as a splendid weekend getaway.

7. Naps=happiness.

8. I could not survive without Ruggles Street and it's people.

9. Robert Downey Jr. has been added to my list.

10. New windows+new fireplace=the heat WILL stay off until at LEAST November.

P.S. If you're reading this, thank you. Now, add yourself as a Follower dammit. 


  1. 6. Sometimes we're just too darn lazy to walk up the stairs to our bedroom. Thus, the guest room has been used LOTS since Charly came along!

    9. Is this like the list I kept at UM&PR? Because I too, have added a few names. Brett Favre is on it. LeBron James is on it. Russell Brand is on it.

    I like Robert Downey, so hopefully this list is not like my list . . .

  2. I too am curious about this list. I have several actresses on my list and I'm hoping it's a very different list than what you are referencing;)

  3. In reference to the infamous list… think Friends. And I know all about YOUR list dear (*cough* Kate Beckinsale)

  4. Robert Downey Jr., really? Huh.

  5. She clearly likes the odd lookin' one, I'm mean c'mon look at the loser she married.

  6. Kate Beckinsale Shawn? I'd rather go for Buffy, the other Vampire Slayer!



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