Monday, October 4, 2010


Yoga must be sending good vibes my way. For someone who usually feels pretty unlucky, I stumbled upon some fortunate events today. First, I won the fishbowl contest at the local Chipotle. My business card was selected therefore me and nine of my (closest) coworkers get to enjoy FREE burritos this Wednesday. FREE Chipotle. Uh-huh. Then later in the day I scored FREE screen passes to the movie Life As We Know It tomorrow night. FREE passes to a movie that won't even release until Friday. Sha-blam.

If good things come in threes, I'm aiming my new luck towards the Twins. While I believe they don't need such luck to beat the (damn) Yankees, EVERYONE else apparently does. It really is unfortunate the Twins can't get no love from the press leading up to the playoffs. Oh well… everyone loves an underdog. Although Morneau won't be back, Mauer will be along with a few of his friends: Mr. Thome, ROY Valencia, RBI King Young and Team DeBoer's favorite, Big Cuddy. You know we'll be watching! And, if the Twins make it to the ALCS, game 4, we'll be there! Boo-yah!


  1. You forgot the Twins' ACE, Comeback Player of the Year, Francisco Liriano!

  2. And for the record, Nomar Garciaparra picked us in 5 over the Spankees!




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