Thursday, September 30, 2010


This afternoon I was hankering for a snack. I purchased a can of Cherry Coke Zero that a coworker promised me would taste just like the original Cherry Coke. Then I purchased a Three Musketeers bar. I dove right into the candy bar and washed it down with the inaugural swig of my new drink. While the Cherry Coke was marvelously close to it's original, I found the Three Musketeers bar… well… I don't know if I can say it… too… sweet? What the?! I know! I found myself eating it slow and when I just had the butt left, I almost decided to throw it away! *pause for gasps* The frugality in me overcame the moment and I managed to finish 'er off.

I don't know what was wrong with me. I plead temporary insanity, or, they must have altered the recipe! The creamy nugget was overwhelming and the crisp chocolate covering was over the top. Oh the shame! Who am I?! I'm a disgrace to my former self.

You wanna know something though… that's not the worst part. Before I left work I was starting to feel a little shaky from hunger, again ( I swear I'm hypoglycemic), and you know what sounded good? You know what I chose for my snack? An apple. An effin apple. Mind you it was a Honeycrisp apple purchased on our recent obligatory trip to Wisconsin, but still. FRUIT! Fruit over chocolate. I can't take it. I feel lost. I'm having an identity crisis.

All that kept running through my head on the way home was Shawn's lesson in health class where they compare cupcakes to apples. He teaches the students that you can have like 15 apples for every one cupcake to add up to the same number of calories. Plus, you'll get more nutrients from the apple. Blah, blah, ginger. Whenever I think of the lesson I think, I would eat the cupcake. Today tough, today I ate the apple. Help. Me.


  1. We're goin' to Wisconsin this weekend! But screw apples . . . I'm buyin' all cheese!

  2. I occassionally feel the smae way with chocolate-have downsized my snickers bar and now am satisfied with the portion. Yeh, I've eaten a honeycrisp or two in the last couple weeks and hoping my friends don't find out that I ate fruit! Fruit is good in wine...

  3. I don't believe you had a spark of insanity, but instead a spark of genius!

  4. I must concur with Mr.DeBoer. Of course, I don't care for chocolate (its a bona fide genetic defect). Still, I LOVE a great crispy apple. I actually eat 2 or 3 a day this time of year!

    Maybe your tastebuds changed?

    Chomp away, dear cousin!



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