Monday, September 20, 2010


I have an intense desire to travel lately. Not just lately I guess. Always. It was a year ago last April that Shawn and I took our most recent vacation. Granted he's gone to Canada and I've gone to Virginia since, but neither of those destinations were new for us. I want to go somewhere I've never been. I want to get out of the country. I want a story that rivals The Fiat. I'm getting the itch to get on a plane and have my passport stamped. Although our Capital One miles are coming along nicely, it's still not in the budget right now (damn fireplace). Maybe this spring or summer. Until then, I can dream (and save)…

Below is my most wanted list. My coveted destinations. My current infatuations. You get the point. I disclose: I do have a hidden agenda to this reveal. I want to pluck the brains of the well-traveled (the likes of Drew, Aubrey, Pedro, Vashni, etc.) and heed the advice of any so-called experts. Don't be shy if I haven't mentioned your name. Do tell your tricks. Maybe you know someone who resides in any of these places and we could be their bunk buddies. Maybe you've been and know some helpful tips or must sees. Maybe you have a good travel agency or a good company you like to book through. Maybe you have some penny pinching pointers. Maybe you want to recommend somewhere completely different, hell, I don't care. Let's just talk travel! My complete wish list of places I want to visit is much too long to document here, however, I've currently narrowed it down to two regions: Chile and Italy.


Lake District Highlights

Chile & Argentina Culinary Adventure


Ultimate Italy


The Taste of Tuscany

Everything above is courtesy of Gap Adventures.


  1. So, how about Naples, Civitavecchia (sp), Rome, Pompei, Mt. Vesuvius? Andy's our tour guide.

    BTW...use your phone and give me a jingle back! :-)

  2. How about you Team Cornstuble sponsor's Team DeBoer's traveling and we'll LET Andy be our tour guide. No?

  3. Tuscany definitely. Venice is unique but I could skip it. Naples is dirty, Rome is huge but Tuscany...*sigh*. Life's short love. Just do it. I've never met a trip I wish I hadn't taken...ok, maybe one but it was to Kentucky so, you know, it was inevitable.



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