Monday, July 14, 2008

We have not accomplished any more work on our house. Our reasons are three fold.

We are tired. Norman is tired. We have been busy. Norman has not. We have no excuses, but we do have reasons as to why we have been counter-productive on our house so far this summer. These reasons are three fold and are revealed in the posts below.

Disclaimer: Norman was not just laying around. He was actually being naughty and was in timeout.

One - Impending Weather

Let me preface this by saying we've been very fortunate and have not had near the weather worries that Butler County has had back in Iowa, but we've had some shows. And, as opposed to being indoors where we should have been, we were outside admiring the skies. Below are the scenes I caught on camera as it (quickly) moved through. How can one focus one's attention on menial house work when there's weather going on.

Two - Up Nort

How can anyone be expected to stay home and complete house projects when they get invited to head up nort to Two Harbors and spend a weekend at a place like this? Getting away for the weekend doesn't mean we didn't get anything done. To the contrary, both Shawn and I canoed for the first time, kayaked for the first time and caught some fish: Kali 1 (sunny) Shawn 8 (mostly Northern) but who's counting.

Three - Cornstuble Chitlens

This year, July 4th fell on a Friday. Meaning, no work! Prime time to get some house projects done. Not quite. Instead, we celebrated our grandparents (my mom's parents) 50th anniversary with a surprise picnic full of friends and family. Part of the family were the Cornstubles. Part of the Cornstubles were the chitlens! We had a house full of women (and Shawn and Andy) for the whole weekend and as always, the little ones caught the camera.

Here is where we watched the fireworks - on the steps of the state capitol in St. Paul.
Here is Natalie Marie in her bed for the weekend - the large tub I keep blankets in.
Norman LOVED Natalie. She must taste pretty good 'cause he licked every chance he could.
Here's a sibling sight for sore eyes - DAVID with fatty Natty (sorry Mandi).
These girls were making each other giggle in turn - it was pretty adorable.
Ainsley was really tired from a busy day traveling and playing - or she didn't like our food.
Here we were being entertained by some girls that were "supposed" to be calming down for bed. Yup - there I am, making an appearance with Miss Payton.

Here she is again with someone who's eyes look a little like my husbands - not sure about the face.


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