Monday, July 14, 2008

Three - Cornstuble Chitlens

This year, July 4th fell on a Friday. Meaning, no work! Prime time to get some house projects done. Not quite. Instead, we celebrated our grandparents (my mom's parents) 50th anniversary with a surprise picnic full of friends and family. Part of the family were the Cornstubles. Part of the Cornstubles were the chitlens! We had a house full of women (and Shawn and Andy) for the whole weekend and as always, the little ones caught the camera.

Here is where we watched the fireworks - on the steps of the state capitol in St. Paul.
Here is Natalie Marie in her bed for the weekend - the large tub I keep blankets in.
Norman LOVED Natalie. She must taste pretty good 'cause he licked every chance he could.
Here's a sibling sight for sore eyes - DAVID with fatty Natty (sorry Mandi).
These girls were making each other giggle in turn - it was pretty adorable.
Ainsley was really tired from a busy day traveling and playing - or she didn't like our food.
Here we were being entertained by some girls that were "supposed" to be calming down for bed. Yup - there I am, making an appearance with Miss Payton.

Here she is again with someone who's eyes look a little like my husbands - not sure about the face.

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