Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Phillipsburg Blue

Since Shawn is back in school and did homework (I'm not kidding you) ALL weekend... I painted. Not-so-surprisingly, we painted our guest bedroom a calm, yet bold, Phillipsburg blue. The photos on the wall are just some of my favorites. The photo at the far left is Ainsley and Payton sittin' on a bench, the middle photo is Shawn and Ty fishing, and the far right photo is Norman giving Ainsley a kiss... I mean Norman stealing Ainsley's food. Doesn't the room look inviting? Makes you want to come visit, doesn't it? Just head north. Enjoy the photo below and yes, that is Norman's tail and ass at the bottom. The dog just follows me everywhere. If I don't have one male around me at all times, I have the other.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Start Seeing Red... er, Merlot

Yes, the kitchen is painted! No, it's not Gecko Green, but it's an equally compelling color, Merlot Red. You'll notice below, the color on the walls isn't the only things that's changed. Dad, Tammy, Allie, and Ty hauled themselves up nort this past weekend to chip away at some more of our kitchen-to-do list. Dad attached all the skins and crown molding and hung the other set of cabinets on the south wall. He also attached the toe kicks and the half the hardware. Finally, he mounted the microwave to the cabinets over the stove. Whew. Shawn played "Vanna White" for the weekend and helped where he could and when he was asked. I'm running out of ways to emphasize how nice things look and how wonderful of a job Dad has done so everyone get out your thesaurus, look up the word great and insert your word here _____.

Enjoy the pictures below but note - on the first picture, the odd shapes and images on the wall are merely reflections of whatever my flash picked up when I took the picture (ie the knobs on the stove or the inside of the sink). Also, just ignore the dishes in the sink. I'm sure you didn't even notice them. I was getting "harrassed" to get new pictures up on the blog and didn't have time to tidy up first so let's just say it's staged to look used. Enjoy!

Details, Details

Below are some pictures of the "creme de la creme" of the kitchen - the accessories. Well, first is a picture of our dining room, just to show you we painted both rooms the same (fabulous) color. Ignore the messy table, we don't eat at it, but we do use it. Also ignore the gaudy ceiling fan. My husband may think it's staying, but as soon as I can find it's replacement, it's going. Back to the kitchen.

First is the b-e-a-utiful crown molding. This just makes the cabinets look sharp and complete. Second is the picture of the hardware. Dad attached the pulls to the drawers and Team DeBoer attached the knobs to the doors. We felt fairly confident in our ability to do this task on our own, but quickly found ourselves making an entry into our "Journal of Things Learned" - When drilling into your brand new cabinets, make sure your marks are even and make sure your drill is in forward (not reverse). Otherwise, your cabinets will be sssmmmoookin'! Last but not least, there is the picture of the microwave, which is mounted under the cabinet. Not using it on top of the fridge or on the living room floor will take some getting used to, but I think we'll get the hang of it.

I just noticed, I don't have any cynical stories to report on anything Dad did, just stuff we attempted on our own. Hhhmmm.


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