Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Phillipsburg Blue

Since Shawn is back in school and did homework (I'm not kidding you) ALL weekend... I painted. Not-so-surprisingly, we painted our guest bedroom a calm, yet bold, Phillipsburg blue. The photos on the wall are just some of my favorites. The photo at the far left is Ainsley and Payton sittin' on a bench, the middle photo is Shawn and Ty fishing, and the far right photo is Norman giving Ainsley a kiss... I mean Norman stealing Ainsley's food. Doesn't the room look inviting? Makes you want to come visit, doesn't it? Just head north. Enjoy the photo below and yes, that is Norman's tail and ass at the bottom. The dog just follows me everywhere. If I don't have one male around me at all times, I have the other.

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