Wednesday, September 5, 2007

R. I. P.

Although we've been complete do-it-yourself-and-blog-about-it slackers, one interesting event did happen this past week. Our dishwasher died. Not only did it die, it went out with a bang - literally! Our lights were dimming, there were popping noises and all of a sudden, Shawn saw sparks coming from the bottom right of the front panel. Pretty sure the engine or wiring or whatever electrical power that makes it run... died.

We pulled it out immediately and unplugged it. A couple of hours later we tried to plug it back in to drain the water that was in the bottom but ...nothing. No light, no sound, no power... nothing. So, after we had dirtied every dish in our house, Shawn and I hand-washed (the thought!) everything. Everything! The next day, we went window shopping for a new dishwasher. We found a great deal on a stainless steal model so although we have yet to make the purchase, I'm sure it will happen this week or weekend for sure.

The stainless steal conversion will inevitably follow when additional funds are available but in the meantime, we'll post pictures of the addition when it is up and running. Also - please read this as a warning that you may not want to run your dishwasher when you are not home. I understand this may add a wrinkle to an OCD persons face, but believe me, I was sure glad we were home when the show started... I don't want to think about what would have happened if we weren't...

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