Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day Job

If I haven't said it before, let me declare it now: blogging does not, and will not, ever pay the bills. At least not in my world. After all, I'm not the Petersiks. Fortunately, I have a day job. (And I have a husband that has a day job.) I work at an extraordinary creative agency called Go East. They've faithfully employed me for just over a year now and I have nothing but rave reviews of my experience there thus far. Now ironically, Go East has a company blog full of delicious expertise from my brilliant coworkers. And wouldn't you know who's name (and picture – which is post-maternity leave so view with a kind eye) is next to the most recent post. Yep, this lady's. I will be the first to admit that writing a reputable, professional and relevant blog post is FAR more stressful than just spewing my normal cynicism, rants and bull-hocky. That being said, I did find the challenge to be rewarding, inspiring and a wee bit o' fun (at least in the end). Above all, I learned one very important lesson: grammatically correct I am not. Bless the proofreaders of the world and of Go East. You are an amazing breed. Without further adieu… my post.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot and Cold

It finally happened. This past week our bisque Magic Chef stove, circa 1975, passed away. (Technically, the burners still worked but the oven refused to preheat past 105º while the electronic display gave out months ago.) She flat-lined on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 and we called it at approximately 6:55pm. Don't cry. She was a good, kind stove. It was her time. It was just her time. She led an extremely long, glamorous and fulfilling life and has since moved on to greener… er, garages. She was preceded in death by our bisque dishwasher and survived by our bisque microwave and fridge. May she rest in peace.

Unfortunately, time must move on and birthday cupcakes must be baked so a replacement stove, (thankfully) donated by my Mom and installed by Shawn and our friendly neighbor Ole, was brought in this past Saturday. Needless to say, she spruces things up just a tad. She makes us wonder why we waited so long to make the switch but it's hard to justify when both Shawn and I grew up in households where if it isn't broke…

On a much lighter note, something else new made it's way to Chez DeBoer. 20-some bucks, a couple of pails of water, a few plastic toys, one droopy-ass disposable diaper and enough sunscreen to make the Joker jealous and someone has themselves a par-tay. Summer fun for someone under one. (Note to self: lay off the Dr. Seuss.) Maci Mae is, a, FISH. Give her some gills and she'd be gone…

This is the greatest day EVER!
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.
Rain drops keep fallin' near my head.
She may be spending too much time around some bassets.
Dude. Seriously. The diaper is impressive.
Playing in the water makes for one tired fishy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo Shoot

Today is July 1st. That means Maci Mae DeBoer's first birthday is in 15 days.

*pause for sobbing*

Now, before we can have a party, we have to send some invites. Before we can send some invites, Mama's gotta sit down and design something. Before Mama can sit down and design something, we gotta have ourselves a little photo shoot…

Here are just a few of the several hundred outtakes I captured while trying to get one good photo of a nekked baby in her birthday hat.

"Take this damn thing OFF."

"Money for the poor?"

"Why is the carpet all wet Toooddd? I don't knoowww Margo."

Hillbilly hat wearin'.

"How do I look?"

"Like this Mama?"



Nekked baby + wood pile = tushy splinters.

Spit shining.

I now have ZERO aspirations to become a baby photographer.


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