Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot and Cold

It finally happened. This past week our bisque Magic Chef stove, circa 1975, passed away. (Technically, the burners still worked but the oven refused to preheat past 105º while the electronic display gave out months ago.) She flat-lined on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 and we called it at approximately 6:55pm. Don't cry. She was a good, kind stove. It was her time. It was just her time. She led an extremely long, glamorous and fulfilling life and has since moved on to greener… er, garages. She was preceded in death by our bisque dishwasher and survived by our bisque microwave and fridge. May she rest in peace.

Unfortunately, time must move on and birthday cupcakes must be baked so a replacement stove, (thankfully) donated by my Mom and installed by Shawn and our friendly neighbor Ole, was brought in this past Saturday. Needless to say, she spruces things up just a tad. She makes us wonder why we waited so long to make the switch but it's hard to justify when both Shawn and I grew up in households where if it isn't broke…

On a much lighter note, something else new made it's way to Chez DeBoer. 20-some bucks, a couple of pails of water, a few plastic toys, one droopy-ass disposable diaper and enough sunscreen to make the Joker jealous and someone has themselves a par-tay. Summer fun for someone under one. (Note to self: lay off the Dr. Seuss.) Maci Mae is, a, FISH. Give her some gills and she'd be gone…

This is the greatest day EVER!
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.
Rain drops keep fallin' near my head.
She may be spending too much time around some bassets.
Dude. Seriously. The diaper is impressive.
Playing in the water makes for one tired fishy.


  1. Aw her first dip. How times have changed. I remember my old swimming hole. A backed up large creek with a dam. Its a wonder Vail and I didn't drown. We learnded to swim very early. Maci Mae I'm sure will learn to swim too.

    1. Believe me, if we lived near a back up large creek with a dam, Maci'd swim in it. To her, any water=good time.

  2. Why would you wash swim diapers? I meant the ones made for pools. Not necessarily the cloth diapers.

    1. OH! I thought you were talking about the ones they can wash and wear… cause she has one of those. Haven't bought any sort of disposable diaper in forever…

  3. I am impressed with Kali and her rhymes and quoting the intro song to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    1. Someone caught it – I'm SO proud!

      "…looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air."



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