Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

You all know the saying, but now I have the proof. This past weekend, things got literal.

Observe the photo below of Chez DeBoer's yard. It is blanketed by snow.

Now, observe the photo of Chez Woodruff's yard, taken on the same day in the middle of March. It is blanketed by nothing. The sun is shining, the snow is melted and the grass is showing.

Those of us who occupy the south side of Ruggles, whose houses face the north, are in the process of concocting a giant mirror-like device to even out the playing field. Or we'll just secretly egg Woodruffs house. Did I mention we have the greatest neighbors?


I know it's been a while since Team DeBoer has posted anything, but the truth is, there's really little to post. We're pretty boring but I figure no news is good news ey? To wet your lips a little, here's some very minor, and very bland, projects we've completed recently.

First, we had our 1954 plumping downstairs upgraded to PVC. This was not a proactive project; it was born out of necessity. A while back I was scrubbing the bathroom clean and just as I finished the tub, it started to back up. Every time we ran the sink, more water (and gunk) came up the tub. We tried Drano, the neighbors snake and a little wishful thinking but all to no avail. Finally Shawn researched some local plumbers and found a heck of a guy who gave us a heck of a deal. He replaced all the downstairs pluming, put a new drain stopper thingy in the tub (so now baths are possible) and even fixed our faucet in the kitchen. Here are a couple quick picks. I didn't try for very long for fear of some insect inhabiting my clothes and traveling with me upstairs.

Second, we finally painted the pantry wall. We could never decide what color to make it because it sits right between the kitchen and the living room. After not-so-much debate, we went red to match the kitchen. It didn't take long but looks much better. Now we just have to make that pesky baseboard match. All in good time...


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