Monday, April 23, 2007

Hallelujah, We Have Gas!

The appliances are back in! We (Shawn) moved them back in a couple of weeks ago. We even hooked up the gas stove by ourselves (with the help of printed out instructions from Dad of course). So far, no explosions, and no smell of rotten eggs. Yes Michelle, if we had a leak, we would be able to smell it. "You know the smell gas has, they put that in." -Ross Geller, Friends.

We're very happy to be cooking again. Nothing quite like some chicken patties and french fries! If only our counter tops would arrive. Doing dishes in the bathroom sink is getting really old. Plus this living arrangement is really taking it's tole on Norman. He's so confused. Yesterday he thought the patio door was open when in fact the glass door was open but the screen was closed. He tried to Rambo through it and being the behemoth that he is, he knocked the screen door flat on it's back. No good. He and the door are recovering slowly. As usual, new pictures are below.

Aren't They Pretty... Oh So Pretty?

Friends and family, please meet the latest addition to our humble abode, the Kenmore HE2, front loading, washer and dryer. These beautiful pieces were delivered Monday, April 16th and I finally got the laundry caught up last Saturday, April 21st. Needless to say, we were ridin' dirty for quite some time. Thanks to our shiny new Sears card, it's fun to clean our clothes.

Sundew and Sprout

These rooms are by no means finished, but they are liveable so I thought I would show what other, more subdued colors we chose so far. The sprout green room is our bedroom (don't mind the dust on the dresser, the previous owner must have forgot to clean it prior to the sale... mom) and the sundew yellow room is Norman's room / our office.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gecko Green

There's been a common consensus when people have visited our house so far. Not many are fond of the bathroom color. While some remain positive and tell us it looks nice, I'm almost certain in their heads they're thinking, "Holy crap!". I thought I would post some before and afters of the bathroom and disclose to everyone that yes, I picked this color and think it's fantastic, so don't be surprised when you visit. It's a piece of cake to wake up at the DeBoers. Just walk into the bathroom, open an eyelid, and bark, "Holy crap! Morning!". Happy viewing.

People With OCD Should NOT Grout

Shawn and I attempted our first task on the kitchen, without anyone's help ...well, other then a few frantic phone calls. Saturday, we grouted. Or should I say, I grouted, nearly had an anxiety attack, then Shawn cleaned the grout and made everything look nice. For future do-it-yourselfers (and fellow OCDers), here's a little tip: grouting is a messy, messy, messy job. Grout does not have the same texture as mud. It is gritty and sandy and will make an utter mess of your floor... until you get out the miracle sponge! Then an amazing thing happens. Your grouted floor starts to look like you thought it would, like it does on TV! Needless to say, it was a touch-and-go process, but as reflected in the pictures, it was a success. Last night, Tuesday, we sealed the grout and tonight we can start moving appliances back in. Hallelujah! Check out the pictures of Team DeBoer's efforts and be thankful you weren't there to witness the event live. Did I mention I love my husband? He's a patient man.

Please Note - There is an actual picture of me posted below, with a very red face I might add. Shawn made me include it. I apologize.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Men at Work

Shawn and Norman, the men in my life, at work on our new house... jealous aren't ya?

Over the Overgrown Hedge

Tammy and I took some shears to the bushes and took off some feet of green! The overgrown hedges were an eye sore to us... and to our neighbors, as we later found out when some of them approached us to thank us for taking the trim. Per usual, see some before and after pictures below and be amazed! My stomach, arms, and hands still hurt!

And for some added fun to you gamers, there are two basset hounds in the after picture, see if you can find them.


It was a long, long weekend, but a very productive one! Dad and Tammy arrived late Friday night and got the ball rolling... and it didn't stop rolling until 11pm, well technically 2:30am Monday morning by the time everyone got home and got to bed. See the progression below from plywood to concrete backerboard to cabinet installation to tiling. It's amazing to see the plan we've made start to come together. Shawn and I get a bit anxious at times at how well things are going and how well things are looking, but we'll just keep rolling. We owe a big thanks, huge thanks, ginormous thanks to Dad for all his work. It is impeccable! Take a gander...


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