Monday, April 23, 2007

Hallelujah, We Have Gas!

The appliances are back in! We (Shawn) moved them back in a couple of weeks ago. We even hooked up the gas stove by ourselves (with the help of printed out instructions from Dad of course). So far, no explosions, and no smell of rotten eggs. Yes Michelle, if we had a leak, we would be able to smell it. "You know the smell gas has, they put that in." -Ross Geller, Friends.

We're very happy to be cooking again. Nothing quite like some chicken patties and french fries! If only our counter tops would arrive. Doing dishes in the bathroom sink is getting really old. Plus this living arrangement is really taking it's tole on Norman. He's so confused. Yesterday he thought the patio door was open when in fact the glass door was open but the screen was closed. He tried to Rambo through it and being the behemoth that he is, he knocked the screen door flat on it's back. No good. He and the door are recovering slowly. As usual, new pictures are below.

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  1. Hey there team! Yes I was jealous of you so I had to start our own page...hope it's cool that I linked you on my blog. You guys have made such excellent progress at your house, Bret is never around much to help do stuff with ours, I mean.. we haven't even got a dining room table yet and we've been living here for 6 months! Anyway... you guys are kicking our butt at making your house homey. Someday if you're ever in the mood you wanna tile our kitchen floor?? We'll epoxy your garage?! Yeah, probably not, huh. Well anyways... good to hear from you. Write again soon! ~Traci



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