Tuesday, April 3, 2007


It was a long, long weekend, but a very productive one! Dad and Tammy arrived late Friday night and got the ball rolling... and it didn't stop rolling until 11pm, well technically 2:30am Monday morning by the time everyone got home and got to bed. See the progression below from plywood to concrete backerboard to cabinet installation to tiling. It's amazing to see the plan we've made start to come together. Shawn and I get a bit anxious at times at how well things are going and how well things are looking, but we'll just keep rolling. We owe a big thanks, huge thanks, ginormous thanks to Dad for all his work. It is impeccable! Take a gander...


  1. Is Pawny hiding in that first pic?

  2. Kinda looks like it don't it? He's actually doing a very important job, holding up the backerboard until it's time to lay it on the floor. Tuff, tuff job. Also, I should note that the tiling will not remain with the spacers... Team DeBoer is going to take a crack at grouting... should be fairly simple, in theory.



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