Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kitchen... or what's left of it

All it took was one Saturday afternoon and our kitchen is now down to the floorboards, literally. Our fridge and microwave are in the dining room, our stove and dishwasher are in the garage, and are (faux) kitchen is now set up in our basement. It looks scarey but we're very excited and very releaved we didn't have to do it ourselves because Team DeBoer's record of house improvement has been somewhat below par so far. Take a look at our current before and after pics and we'll hopefully have more pics (of the rest of the house) soon.


  1. I'm glad you decided to redo your kitchen. It was awfully "blue" in the before pic. I wouldn't have liked using a blue kitchen either.

  2. Please tell you won't be so monochro'dramatic' when you re-do the kitchen!! love to the deboers. cousin, penny

  3. Looks like progress... I'm still having a tough time visualizing where the big screen plama TV will be going? I bet Norman is loving the fenced yard. Hope all is well. ~Ron



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