Thursday, December 31, 2009


My personal resolutions for 2010 (in no particular order):
1. Accurately read food labels before purchasing (so as to avoid things like cinnamon apple sauce, onion tater tots and unsalted ketchup)
2. Travel to a foreign land
3. Raise funds to afford to travel to a foreign land
4. Continue my campaign for a buddy for Norman (say… a black Great Dane named Guinness)
5. Exercise (because the elastic in my sweat pants is giving out)
6. Wear more hats
7. Finish all books in the Harry Potter series
8. Dispose of the sofa in my garage
9. Grow the nails on my thumbs (so I can finally get that manicure I promised myself if I stopped chewing)
10. Resist and protest all things texting, Twitter, Facebook and Oprah
11. Contemplate quitting my consumption of soda
12. Memorize and recite Team DeBoer's mantra when asked when babies are coming
13. Clear up my complexion (since I think I've finally hit puberty)
14. Purchase something our neighbors can borrow from us
15. Eat first, then ask what the ingredients are (it's a texture thing)
16. Visit the Spam Museum
17. Go back to school
18. Get the Beretta through another year (so I can register for classic license plates)
19. Update the photos in my house (and actually print some of the gazillion digital photos I have)
20. Blog more

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

What Shawn and I did Christmas day…

What Norman did Christmas day…Happy Holidays!

Team DeBoer

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Caution: Cynicism Ahead

Without really realizing it… I've slowly morphed into a scrooge this holiday season. Things are just not going my way. At first it was just the purchase of new windows. Exciting right? Well yeah except it forced us into foregoing Christmas presents this year in order to save for the second half of that ginormous payment. Shortly after that, I totally bit it going down our front steps. Damn near busted a bone. Graceful. Next, I put a dent in the Camry. I just backed up, without looking, and ran right into the only parked car on our street. Genius. Then, my hours got cut at work. I'm forced to work only 32 hours/week. To top that off, our health benefit costs went up. Wonderful. Good thing I have a sugar daddy for now, but still. The day after that, I went to the dentist and found out I have to have three, THREE cavities filled. Technically it's two and a replacement of a silver filling but they also suggested I get sealants. Super. To top it off, the top strand of lights on our Christmas tree have died. Ironically, the star at the top is still lit. That means there's a bad bulb on that top strand. I went to Target to buy a replacement strand. Plugged them in. Didn't work. Great. I'm officially two bad events away from a country western song. I hate country western songs. Bah! Humbug!

Snow Birds

If I'm correct, I believe this is what you call the population that heads south for the winter? If so, Shawn and I have officially become snow birds. We've migrated a whole 10 feet south. We've crossed our hallway and now occupy the guest bedroom. This will be our new habitat until winter is over or until our new windows are installed. Whichever comes first. It took me 10 minutes to move the TV, DVD player (Sony Playstation) and the good 'ole VCR. Our new bedroom is MUCH warmer, smaller, the vent isn't covered by the bed and it even has a nice reading lamp. Two years ago we put plastic on the windows. Last year we rearranged the furniture in our bedroom to move the headboard off the wall with the two windows and to uncover the vent. This year, we just packed up and moved. Next year… new windows!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Normster Turns Fourster!

This past Saturday, December 5th, 2009, our first born turned the big 0-4. That's 28 in human years to you! To celebrate the big baby's birthday, he received pancakes for breakfast, a BBQ bone for dessert, a mid-afternoon walk, lots of love and belly rubs and a kong full of peanut butter to seal the deal before the day was done. In his old age, he is getting much whiter around the face and much more… um, relaxed? He still barks and pesters and wants attention as much as the next dog, but he's content with a shorter walk and sleeps most of the day away in his bed (see photo below). He's currently carrying a little holiday weight so he prefers not to talk about it right now. He's perfectly content with his belly rolls thank you very much. He is still, by far, the cutest dog we've ever seen. Not the brightest light in the harbor, but by far the cutest!

Below is what he looked like after he finished draining his kong… he was in a peanut butter coma.
He looked a little intoxicated and didn't move an inch when I got out the camera. A completely happy puppy none-the-less.

New Meaning of Empty

In an earlier post, I eluded to the fact that we like to get our fridge and pantry down to pert-near nothin' before we cave and buy groceries. This past weekend might have been the mother of all emptiness. So much so that we decided to clean the fridge. This was the first time since we moved into the house we tackled this project so I'd say it was long overdue. Below is the evidence.

Take special note of the MGD golden can on the top shelf, left side. This is a friendly neighborhood game Ruggles Street likes to play. Short story goes like this: someone left this can at a gathering at Woodruffs and it never got drank. No one knows how old it is but suffice it to say, it's no longer prime for consumption. Therefore, the goal is to bring it to a social gathering of neighbors and sneak it into the next victims fridge without them knowing. The gathering has to be 3 or more households and the host can't catch you in the transition, otherwise, you have to take it back. We've been going along now for quite some time so I pity the day we make someone drink it. Although there are magically two cans now so beware… double the trouble. That's secretly why we keep our fridge so low… so we can keep tabs on the golden can! Damn you Woodruff cheaters!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here are some of my favorite little people, captured from our latest visit to Virginia.

Ainsley Lee Cornstuble

Natalie Marie Cornstuble
Quinn Paul Cornstuble


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