Monday, December 7, 2009

The Normster Turns Fourster!

This past Saturday, December 5th, 2009, our first born turned the big 0-4. That's 28 in human years to you! To celebrate the big baby's birthday, he received pancakes for breakfast, a BBQ bone for dessert, a mid-afternoon walk, lots of love and belly rubs and a kong full of peanut butter to seal the deal before the day was done. In his old age, he is getting much whiter around the face and much more… um, relaxed? He still barks and pesters and wants attention as much as the next dog, but he's content with a shorter walk and sleeps most of the day away in his bed (see photo below). He's currently carrying a little holiday weight so he prefers not to talk about it right now. He's perfectly content with his belly rolls thank you very much. He is still, by far, the cutest dog we've ever seen. Not the brightest light in the harbor, but by far the cutest!

Below is what he looked like after he finished draining his kong… he was in a peanut butter coma.
He looked a little intoxicated and didn't move an inch when I got out the camera. A completely happy puppy none-the-less.

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