Thursday, December 31, 2009


My personal resolutions for 2010 (in no particular order):
1. Accurately read food labels before purchasing (so as to avoid things like cinnamon apple sauce, onion tater tots and unsalted ketchup)
2. Travel to a foreign land
3. Raise funds to afford to travel to a foreign land
4. Continue my campaign for a buddy for Norman (say… a black Great Dane named Guinness)
5. Exercise (because the elastic in my sweat pants is giving out)
6. Wear more hats
7. Finish all books in the Harry Potter series
8. Dispose of the sofa in my garage
9. Grow the nails on my thumbs (so I can finally get that manicure I promised myself if I stopped chewing)
10. Resist and protest all things texting, Twitter, Facebook and Oprah
11. Contemplate quitting my consumption of soda
12. Memorize and recite Team DeBoer's mantra when asked when babies are coming
13. Clear up my complexion (since I think I've finally hit puberty)
14. Purchase something our neighbors can borrow from us
15. Eat first, then ask what the ingredients are (it's a texture thing)
16. Visit the Spam Museum
17. Go back to school
18. Get the Beretta through another year (so I can register for classic license plates)
19. Update the photos in my house (and actually print some of the gazillion digital photos I have)
20. Blog more


  1. I might have a suggestion for you for #13, but it depends on #12. Let me know if you want to hear about it. I'm interested in hearing #12 if you want to practice.

  2. I'd love to know the mantra! email it to me! meanwhile, SPAM museum is a great place to have on your list!

  3. Have I heard the mantra? Kids will come when kids will come. However, we're finished! Besides, you've done way more together as a couple than Andy and I have. That will have to come later for us. Really?....Do ya need to resist Facebook, though?!

  4. I gotta know the mantra, too. AND I totally am with you on #13 (although, you may want to keep saying the mantra, since in my case my face looked like a pepperoni pizza while pregnant), I mean what's up with that, full blown acne mid-20's...cruel.



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