Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow Birds

If I'm correct, I believe this is what you call the population that heads south for the winter? If so, Shawn and I have officially become snow birds. We've migrated a whole 10 feet south. We've crossed our hallway and now occupy the guest bedroom. This will be our new habitat until winter is over or until our new windows are installed. Whichever comes first. It took me 10 minutes to move the TV, DVD player (Sony Playstation) and the good 'ole VCR. Our new bedroom is MUCH warmer, smaller, the vent isn't covered by the bed and it even has a nice reading lamp. Two years ago we put plastic on the windows. Last year we rearranged the furniture in our bedroom to move the headboard off the wall with the two windows and to uncover the vent. This year, we just packed up and moved. Next year… new windows!

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