Thursday, May 29, 2008

Green Thumb?

I don't know even so much as the names of these flowers, but I do know they were a successful new venture. Last fall, with the help of cousin Penny, we planted several bulbs sporadically throughout the yard and are starting to see the evidence! It's exciting... we've never planting anything before so the fact that anything came up is fantastic. Now maybe we can get some green life in the house as well.

This lovely flower is on the east side of our house along the fence in the backyard. It has a friend perking through the soil beside it but they're both waiting for some rain to really stand tall.

This group is in the northwest corner of the backyard. For the life of me I couldn't get my camera to focus my favorite tulip... but at least you can see the color!
We can take no credit for this pot. Our lovely new roommate Mel planted this. As it turns out, she actually does have a green thumb so she made nice of this huge cement pot that sits right in the front of our house. And to think, we almost threw it away.

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  1. We are having some fun discoveries here with plants and flowers too. We have a hydrangea (sp?) blooming next to our front door. Fun! Not by my doing. :)



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