Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hola Mexico!

There are no words to describe... just captions to reveal:

We finally arrived... and started with some much-needed margaritas!
We walked the coast and and soaked in the scenery. This is before our fancy meal on the second day... like my burn?
Jordan took this. It's fabulous, timeless and going up in my house.
Ahhh... the wedding night, with some champagne!
Here's one of the pools w/bball hoops and a swim-up bar... niiiiiice.
Here's the other pool at the resort... the calm pool.
The sun, the beach and the water.
Here's a neat shell/rock/white creature we found on the beach.
Another view from our walk down the shoreline. See the sail boat?
Here we are at the Mayan ruins and here is our greeter.
This is one of the many breath-taking views at the ruins.
Yet another amazing view.
More ruins... more cool views.
This is the largest of all the ruins. Looks like a long way up.
The girls... all dressed up and a wedding to go.
Michelle... posing for one of her many amazing photos!
Another prewedding photo, they did a great job!
Michelle and her parents descend down the aisle, mid-tears.
Congratulations to the Washingtons!

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  1. Wow, some GREAT photos. Looks like a beautiful place and a great time.



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