Friday, March 28, 2008

Mini Progress

Here at Team DeBoer's house, we are blaming the lack of house improvement progress on the winter. That's not to say we haven't done anything but yeah, we haven't done much. Here are a couple blog-worthy happenings though.

We finally bought a buffet! It stretches the length of the wall in the entry of our house. Thanks to neighbor Sara, we were in contact with a woman who refinishes pieces and resells them at a very reasonable price. This is a solid wood piece with classic lines and a traditional feel. It actually sits on wheels so it's easy to move, the middle door opens to reveal three more drawers and it's a beautiful color that matches the shelves and frames above it perfectly. Sadly there's just a lone candle decorating it for now but we'll add to it soon enough. Here's a couple different views of our favorite new find!

And here's our kitchen window frame. Unfortunately I don't have a before picture but to help you create a mental one, the previous owners had cut into the sides of the frame so as to fit the cabinets on the wall. Shawn and I ended up tearing out the old frame completely and starting from scratch. We bought some oak wood from Menards and painted it white. We also bought a miter saw from Home Depot (hallelujah for those gift cards we got at Christmas!) and got to take our first crack at angle cuts. As the saying goes, we measured twice and cut once. Well actually I measured like 16 times because I'm kind of neurotic and well, an OCD freak. We were surprised and actually quite impressed with our work. We have yet to fill the nail holes, sand the edges and touch up the paint but you can't tell all the from the picture so no one is the wiser.

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  1. Lookin' good. We need to find some awesome furniture like that. And I like your kitchen sink and faucet. Great new photo, by the way. Hope you had a great trip!



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