Friday, March 28, 2008


This past Easter weekend was one of firsts. It was our first time driving the Camry to Iowa and it was also the first time Shawn and I got to meet Natalie Marie. In honor of these firsts, this posting will be our first to break away from Team DeBoer's house. Shawn and I took off Friday and spent the weekend grazing, celebrating my birthday, playing cards, doing the "March Madness" dance and all around having a great time with our families. Below are some of my favorite photos and yes, most of them are of the Cornstuble chitlens. They're just so darn cute!

The first is the newest, Miss Natalie Marie! She's such a good baby! I mean, I don't have anything to compare her to but she's the kind that make you want to have babies of your own... someday. Here she is as her usual happy self, smiling away!

Here's Miss Payton Rae. At six years old, she's grown up so much - literally! She'll be taller then me soon - but that doesn't take much. We haven't seen her in so long it was great to have her here with the whole family!

And here's Miss Ainsley Lee at three years old, taking on the roll as big sister! Speaking of roll, that's what she did, all weekend long! She was a somersaulting phenom and showed off a lot of her acrobatic skills.

Here Shawn's teaching Natalie how to play 500 - startin 'em young.

Okay so we weren't quite dancing in literal terms but fans of all ages were watching the tourney.

Here's all three girls in their beautiful Easter dresses, just after the big egg hunt.

Here's more girly girls in their matching outfits and matching smiles.

And here's my favorite picture because I'm a sucker for odd angles and black and white photography. Perfect.

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