Friday, August 19, 2011

Hannibal Leo

It's not what you think but I know it's what came to your mind. It's okay. It came to mine too. No, Leo didn't eat Maci or attack a small child or bite Norman or any other horrible possibilities. He's actually been uber loving of all creatures great and small, well, except for maybe squirrels, rabbits and neighborhood cats. He's just actually developed a "lickoma" or hot spot. He's licked a part of his left hip so bad he's drawing blood. This has happened before, when we first adopted him, and the solution was a rather expensive vet bill. To avoid a repeat, we're trying to see if we can alleviate the situation before it comes to that. So along with the muzzle, Shawn's also been diligently applying a bitter apple spray to the wound to deter him from licking. It works, it just doesn't last long enough for it to heal so our efforts have to be a combo attack.

These types of problems occur in dogs for multiple reasons. When it happened the first time, we were told it could be food allergies, weather allergies, stress or anxiety. We think it's a toss up between summer allergies and anxiety with the addition of Miss Maci since he's been rather attentive to her every move, sound and scent in an overly loving manner. Plus, Leo's always had very, very, very sensitive skin. We think that's why he begs to be pet all the time. Especially when if you don't pet him, he literally comes up under your legs and starts to rub his back and butt on you. He does this to Norman as well who seems much more tolerable of the gesture. He's also constantly rubbing himself on our ottoman, thus is gross discoloration, the leather sofa and the rug on the floor. He makes a mess but we turn a blind eye because he's part of our family, it obviously makes him feel better and you can't help but love the poor bastard because he's so damn cute.

The image above is quite sad but I assure you, bassets have a way of making it worse by giving those elusive sad eyes and wrinkled expression. It almost works on me until I catch sight of his sore and then I'm reminded it's for his own good. Plus, I'm sure Norman appreciates Leo's handicap. Less playful or dominating interruptions to his eighth nap of the day…

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  1. You and Shawn are even amazing dog parents! My friend tried Dog Pants to keep her dog from doing this -- oddly in the same location -- hip area butt underneath like what would be our armpits. However, her dog just ate the fabric! Poor dogs. I wonder if Aloe Vera would help it heal faster? I wonder if they make "dog skin" patches like they do for older people with serious skin ulcers. Seals tight unless you get it wet then it peels easily off.

    Well, give him a pet or two from his Cousin Penny!
    love ya'll



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