Thursday, August 4, 2011


So yeah, I obviously haven't gotten around to posting the official birth story yet, or anything else I plan to write about for that matter. I wake up every morning with the goal of blogging and every night I go to bed goal unaccomplished. It's amazing how little one can really get done with a newborn. My new definition of a successful day is if I remember to, let alone get the chance to brush my teeth. I'm a sexy being right now let me tell you.

Now, I may not be beautiful but I think Maci sure is so to appease the blogging audience, here's some more photos of her and the rest of Team DeBoer. I will get around to telling you all the gory child birth details and probably more information then you'll care to hear but I'd also like to share my perspective on having a newborn, sleep deprivation, husband appreciation, family assimilation and motherhood. I haven't had the chance to really stop, think, remember and appreciate everything that has happened so far because I'm still trying to crawl out of the transition haze but one thing is resoundingly true, the addition of Maci feels so natural it's as if she's always been here.

Four DeBoers A Schnoozing

Photo Shoot Outtake

To be clear, she has a pink flower in her hair, NOT a bow.

Photo Shoot Outtake

Yep, that's poop. First diaper blow out. On Mom. NEVER happens on Dad.

She was ready for her closeup.

I'm going to start calling this pose "The Maci".

She's a little temperamental when it comes to tummy time.

Staring Contest

Leo and Norman's lifestyle has obviously been greatly affected by the addition.

Our Little Giraffe

The Recliner

The Maci

She's pickin' up good vibrations…

Baths are getting a wee bit better.


The Walrus


  1. You've made my weekend by your blog update! Pictures are superb along with very appropriate captioning! I'm especially glad to see that ALL members of Team Deboer have adjusted well and their lives have returned to normal! Keep it coming-I'm lovin' it! You've got a lifetime to catch up on sleep!

  2. What a wonderful family of five. And perhaps Maci feels as she has always been there because she has...right in your hearts just awaitin'. Kiss the little ribbit for me.

  3. I think you need some new kind of diapers! haha (are you breastfeeding??) I did with Lexi and as soon as you heard that "pfft" of her pooping, you better have her on a waterproof surface and her clothes away from her bottom and a diaper at the ready!

  4. "It's amazing how little one can really get done with a newborn."

    So true.

    I think you've fallen into the role of "parents" rather nicely.

    And BTW, I'm going to leave the laptop on throughout the night, and have my Gmail screen up. So at 3:47 in the morning, maybe Charly and Maci can get to know each other through Gmail video chatting.

    Just remember, 8 hours. That's your goal. Charly is 17 months old and I'm not getting anywhere near that.

    I shouldn't have told you that.

  5. Oh, and BTW, that sure looks like a "bow" to me. At least a "bow" on a "headband".



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