Wednesday, July 27, 2011


By the way, I never got a chance to post about our latest, and hopefully last, car purchase. We lost our 2008 Camry to a random tree falling in Burnsville last month, which you can revisit by viewing the devastation here. Since then, Mr. DeBoer has been diligently dealing with insurance people, appraisal people, sales people, city people and the like to find us a replacement. The week before Maci arrived, to the day, we finally found our new ghetto cruiser. We stuck with the Camry because well, we love it and we managed to get a newer year with less miles out of the deal. Meet our 2009 Toyota Camry LE in black. Sharp eh? Like a schnazzy tuxedo but without the ugly tails. Also, thanks to Shawn's infamous haggling, we scored a great price and therefore could afford to tack on a warranty for the beauty which will cover every major repair needed until she reaches 100,000 miles. Meaning, we should never have to pay bucu bucks to fix anything until we've had it for roughly seven or so years. Peace, of, mind.

I should say, however, that warranty does not cover any superficial body work which we just so happened to have to have done recently. It turns out, while it was parked in the ramp at the hospital, some foreign substance dripped all over it leaving white streaks and blotches on the driver's side door, roof and hood. Not only did we not know what it was, we couldn't get it off. Shawn tried the auto wash, the brush wash, the hand wash, some lime remover recommended by a guy, all to no avail. That's when it ended up at the body shop for a complete buff and shine job. Thank heaven that did the trick and she is again perty as can be. If only we had taken some photos before leaving the hospital we could've pursued some pennies for our trouble but we were a little preoccupied with making sure we got our newborn home alive. Priorities.

I just hope and pray that we are done with the car buying process. I didn't even do anything and I'm completely over the hassle. I feel like we've had to deal with more car crap now then we ever did with the two '94 Chevys so let's just hope things simmer down for a while and we can start to enjoy and reap the rewards of our new rides. 

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