Sunday, August 21, 2011


"Look Ma! Check out the bottle!"
Happy (and hairy) Dad
Last week Maci achieved greatness. She took a bottle. She took a bottle like a pro. In fact, when she was done with said bottle, she wanted more. That's the tricky part about giving a breastfed baby a bottle; trying to figure out how much they consume in a feeding is like trying to put together a rubix cube. Having gained almost three pounds in five weeks, we should've known better. We should've known she would have wanted more. Little double-chinned, adorable porker. Live and learn.

This milestone is monumental for many reasons. 1) She can now successfully go to daycare. Whew. 2) Dad can be more involved with the feeding process. 3) Mama can once again have plans that last longer then three hours. 4) Mama can have beer. Mmmmm… beer. It may be completely shameful but this is the reason we kick-started this whole bottle business in the first place. Happy hour. Don't judge me. Well, go ahead, I don't care. The Fat Tires I enjoyed while she was home bonding with her Dad were delicious, refreshing and worth the wait. PLUS, beer helps bring in milk for nursing moms so the next day, Maci ate like a king.

For those of you peering at me with that crooked eyebrow, alcohol metabolizes in milk so if you wait two hours after your last drink before nursing, you're back in business. Unless of course your teetering on engorgement and need relief or if you went a little nuts with your night out. In that case, if you're still feeling the effects, then wait a wee bit longer until you're back on steady legs to nurse or then you can engage the pump and dump ritual. Just a little tip from me to you. If you're really anal about it, they even make these handy dandy strips you can use to test the alcohol content in your milk. Talk about technology at it's finest.

Pump! Hydrate! Drink and be merry nursing Moms! Okay, I better stop. I'm starting to sound like a lush…

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  1. Great and Wonderful news for all! We should Skype soon!

    love you



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