Monday, August 22, 2011


Well looky what we have here. Photos I found that I never got a chance to post. Now normally I wouldn't encourage posting pictures of me at such a puffy state, however, I'm in a nostalgic mood and obviously took them to record the journey so it's only fair I take it to it's rightful conclusion. Also, it's eery (in a good way) to look at the last photo now knowing I went into labor two days later. Plus, it's great motivation to get me to get my ass a movin' in order to lose the 35 to 40 pounds I gained. Everything in moderation people. It took me ten months to put the weight on so I'm at least giving myself that much to get it back off.

Side note: It took a ridiculous amount of time for me to figure out how to arrange my hands each photo I posted the week count for. Doesn't look tough but it's amazing what little brain you have left at this point. Either that or I'm just really challenged.

Week 35 – Neighbor Mike informed me I looked like a giant pumpkin in orange. Okay, I added the giant part.

Week 36 – I have no idea what I was doing here but it's a slimming gesture. Well, except for…

Week 37 – Hello God?

Week 38 – Two days before d-day and I didn't even know it.

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