Saturday, February 19, 2011


Shout out to my love Sara who came across these adorable finds at Old Navy. Shawn and I thought they were so bad ass we officially made them our inaugural purchase for Cletus. I don't care what size they are, what season they coordinate with or what gender they'll look better on. Our baby/child will rock the Star Wars onesie and my personal favorite, the Ewok tee.

Ewoks and me go way back. Mandi and I each own an Ewok stuffed animal, courtesy of The Mother, and mine just so happens to be Wicket, the most famous, majestic and adorable of all the Ewoks. Mandi and I also owned every single Ewok movie ever made. We. Were. Cool. Now, so will Cletus be.


  1. I need to hit up Old Navy! Since Ainsley's getting into some of my old favorites thanks to Netflix. Reminisced while she watched Rainbow Bright. Then I found my old doll and the horse. She loved it!

  2. Mandi: Show your kids Star Wars, prompt! I know they would LOVE the Ewoks. It's in their DNA.

  3. Well Ainsley's already watched two of the original Karate Kid's and liked them. I'm sure Star Wars will be a shoe in.



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