Monday, February 14, 2011


Last Thursday, Shawn and I were sitting at my checkup, waiting for the doc. I was apparently complaining about something body related to which Shawn replied that I'm too cynical and he'd had enough of my whining. He instructed me to try and take a day to be completely positive. So I figured, what better day then a Hallmark-induced, fake, overpriced, lovey-dovey holiday like today? Shit… I did it again. This will be a challenge.

In all seriousness, I have a lot to love and a lot to be thankful for. It's just easier to be cynical. It's second nature. Plus, I truly don't believe in things like Valentine's Day. It's no secret who my Valentine is and he tells me he loves me every day, all day. I don't need expensive flowers, overpriced chocolate (hmmm… chocolate, well, maybe this year), a romantic meal or time set aside for us just because it says so on the calendar. We do that because we want to, not because someone tells us to. This is all besides the point. I'm getting off track and I'm tilting the negative scale again. Dammit! This is hard. Deep breaths…

Okay, to deter any more digression I'll get to the point. I've focused, I've thought and I've reflected. Here are positive things I LOVE lately.

1. Hearing Cletus's heartbeat for the first time.
2. The space heater under my desk at work.
3. Leo's wrinkled face when he crawls down stairs.
4. Norman's eye-linered eyes and the heart mark on his nose.
5. Lucky Charms.
6. St. Paul Bagelry bagels with cream cheese.
7. Movie theatre coupons.
8. New books to read (thanks Allie!)
9. Shawn's clothes, especially his sweatpants.
10. Gracious neighbors and their maternity hand-me-downs.
11. A sister's, experienced, calming words.
12. The melting snow and ice.
13. A blossoming bosom (hollar at my itty-bitty-t*tty-committee comrades!)
14. The miles accumulating on our credit card.
15. March Madness is approaching.
16. A tax refund should be in our future.
17. The Amazing Race starts Sunday!
18. I finished the basement floor plan!
19. Starting to feel Cletus "flutter".
20. Shawn, my other half.

There, whew. I did it!  I survived!

Now if only they would take those damn Kays Jewelers commercials off the air! They make me want to rip off my left arm and throw it at the TV. Hey I didn't say this positive, love talk would last forever!


  1. Ha! The one where the couple is in the cabin and the lightning scares her and her man says "I'm right here."? That's a great one!

  2. I love number 13! hehe That was my favorite part, too.

  3. Great List. I know that I would have been number 21.

  4. Mr. H: That's our favorite. Shawn and I look at each other and resist the urge to gag. Don't forget… "and I always will be."

    Jeri: Amen sister.

    Drew: You know it.



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