Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's still winter and it still continues to snow. Nothing is melting and nothing is getting greener.

There is still limited sunshine, limited warmth and limited width to get up my driveway.

To top things off, we have to watch the Packers in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Uh. I can see how people get seasonal depression.

At least there's still sleeping, fireplaces... and chocolate. And the Steelers.


  1. The Steelers and their disgrace of a human being quarterback. Ugh.

    I like the Packers, but I'm still so upset about New England that I may just watch reruns of Modern Family instead.

  2. 3 days snow and ice bound -- I am ready for SPRING! Still, I have to say GO PACK GO!

    Here's to hot beverages (coffee for me!) and warm quilts.

    love to ya'll!

  3. To All: I have to disclose, Team DeBoer will actually be rooting for the Packers. I just had to ruffle a few border feathers. :)



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