Saturday, September 3, 2011


Okay so it's not exactly like where's Waldo, more like, where's Leo? Or, which of these does not belong? Or, which of these is not like the other? You get the point. Bottom line, it's cute as hell and I was smitten with Mr. Leo the night he decided to bunk up with the Cornstuble chitlins. No, we did not let him spend the night, for fear of starting an unwanted trend, but we did let him lay there long enough to be cuddled, loved and woo'd to sleep.

To all those that have asked how the boys are adjusting to Miss Maci… well, as you can see, they're doing just fine and are looking forward to her growing bigger and being her buds. Norman, the older (but not necessarily the wiser) of the two is more reserved about the whole situation. Don't get me wrong, he gets his sniffs and licks in occasionally (Gasp! You let your dogs lick your baby?! Yes-sir-y-Bob!). Honestly, I think he is just lazy and is only really motivated to move by food. When Maci starts dropping morsels onto the floor, then he'll sweep in and win her love.

Leo, on the other hand, is much more attentive, curious and devoted shall we say. It is really quite sweet to see him rest his chin on the ottoman right by her head when she's getting a diaper change and on the verge of breaking down. You can tell he just wants to comfort her somehow and will do anything to make her feel better. I was grateful for his presence on Thursday when she was losing her mind mid-change and he came over and affectionately nuzzled and licked her face and she immediately calmed down enough for me to fasten the diaper, zip-up her PJs and scoop her up for some kisses of my own. Life saver that Leo!

That's the scoop on our pooch(es). So… buttons… on your underwear. What's new with you? Got any exciting Labor Day weekend plans? Been to a state fair lately? Ate anything good? Something deep fat fried? Something on a stick? A jalapeno perhaps?


  1. I love this post. The dogs have been on my mind, and I am very happy to hear all is well.

    I'll be house sitting for some other people this labor day and have yet to go to the state fair. I did eat a corn dog today though.

  2. Next year, I say the DeBoers, Pelehos' and ME go to the State Fair. We grab a map on a stick, see all the exhibits, take turns pushing Maci's stroller and share every food we buy! Who's in?

    I love Leo -- he is the official dog-nanny to the chittlins!

    love to all. me



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