Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Maci Mae is back at daycare today for round two. She did extremely well on day one, by the way, and has quickly made two new friends in the process. This milestone has lead me to learn two very important lessons worth sharing:

1. I will never again be on time.

I assumed this would come to fruition when I returned to work. I knew I would have to deal with not only getting myself ready, but a baby as well. I thought I might be able to avoid this conclusion but no, I was wrong. Thank goodness I opted (and was granted permission) to return to work on a Wednesday allowing myself a couple trial runs at this new morning routine. It's now obvious how badly I needed the practice, a good (morning) swift kick in the ass and a slightly harsh reality check.

It immediately becomes apparent how unpredictable babies are when you are trying to be somewhere at a certain time. No matter the preparation, something will inevitably throw you off schedule. Feedings, diaper changes, dogs, traffic or worst case scenario, all of the above. Since yesterday morning, I've moved my alarm back (earlier) 30 minutes and fear tomorrow, I'll have to add another 30 minutes. Partly because it took longer to ready Maci this morning then I guessed and partly because I hit the snooze button a good three times. No matter my opinions on the subject, I'm realizing that I will have to force myself to become a morning person. Either that or I'll have to forgive myself for that Pepsi I so desire first thing in the morning to help aid me through this process.

2. Never underestimate the power of a trip to Target.

I feel like a new person. I just returned from my inaugural trip to Target, sans Maci, and managed to escape the complex without one, single, baby item. *air fives all around* In fact, everything I purchased was for me. Little ole me. It was nothing fancy mind you, some makeup and some Pepsi (see paragraph above), but all items were sorely needed for this Mama and their purchases have been put on the back burner for what I decided was way too long.

Mid-shopping, I took a minute to marvel at my options for time management. I was allowed to stroll through whatever isles I wanted. I was able to take some time to meander through the end caps and contemplate buying something I really didn't need just because it was on sale. I was granted the freedom to be able to really think about what I needed to get while on this trip as opposed to trying to sneak in and out with the essentials before Maci awoke and alarmed the entire store that she was in need of a boob or a clean pooper.

This education I'm earning is worth every penny, lesson, trial and tribulation when I see Leo give Maci a kiss, Norman give her a sniff, she gives Shawn a smile or I'm able to coax a coo. Next up, I'm officially back to work tomorrow. Lord grant me (and those I work with) the strength…


  1. I have been blessed with the ability to "somewhat" plan my day around Lexi and when she ate, etc. However, you are right, when you want to be somewhere they will do something to make you late. To combat this, I have become VERY early to a LOT of things, overcompensating. I give you props for leaving Target without a baby item. I still can't do that. It's sooooo hard. I also can't leave without spending less than $10, but that's another subject.
    Welcome to Motherhood! It's awesome!

  2. HA! That reminds me of another point I failed to mention in the post, Jeri! Target is the black hole when it comes to my money! I walk in needing light bulbs and walk about spending (minimum) $50. Curse the wretched bullseye!

  3. Oh Kali, and there will come a day when you pull into the parking lot with Maci and she'll say "Target!" That's when you know, you've been there TOO much.

  4. Aww Kali-your post took me back to the time when I did the very same shopping, Pepsi routine (still do and don't apologize for it), and have a *need* to be on time or a tad early! It's just me (and you) and I won't apologize for that either!!



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