Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Brace yourself, the following is a photo dump…

Bear hug for the Pops
Little baby in a biiiiiiiig car seat
A fish outta water
"Umm… excuse me…"
Who says a girl can't wear dino PJs!
The affects of Mama's milk
Smoochin some chubby cheeks
"Loud noises!"
"I got my eye on you."
Nothin cuter then a baby yawn
If she aint got the Nuk, she's got the thumb
The first cloth diaper!
Whoa… the white balance is a wee off
Happy baby
Still happy baby
Flexin her muscles
One of the last nights she slept in the Pack n' Play
Maci's Running Man
Sportin her spare chin
Snoozin in her swing
"Dad? Should we be ghosts for Halloween?"
She represents the Lollipop Guild
The sly smile
Pre shots – happy as a clam
Post shots – band aids over the battle wounds
Dirt sleeves!
Fist bumps for Uncle Ty


  1. Lovin the captions-as always! You have a very happy content child on your hands!

  2. I'd go back and get more Target socks right now (at least in Waterloo/CF) they are $1.00 for the ones she had on in the pictures. Sara Randall (Brinkman)

  3. Sara :: Yeppers… they're a dollar here too. I picked up an extra pair of the striped ones since these seem to be the ones that stay on the best!



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