Thursday, September 8, 2011


I need help. In so many ways but today I'm honing in on my living room. See that cream, over sized love seat in the photos below? Yeah, that's going. It's not really cream anymore, thanks to the dogs, and while it served it's purpose for the couple of years we've had it, it's usefulness in our casa has expired. Having bought it off of Craigslist, parting ways with it will not be a financial waste because it was dirt cheap. Now, it's just full of dirt. I'm sure it can be cleaned. In fact, it's rather easy to wipe down, I just don't have the time, patience or devotion to continue to care for such a piece knowing our two bassets will just bring it back to it's present state quicker then Maci can take a poo.

So, my dilemma. With said dogs, the easiest furniture to maintain in our house is leather. However, we already have a leather sofa (from Craigslist) that I happen to love and now I'm stuck with what piece(s) to add to it. The question: Do you think multiple leathers can exist in a living room and if so, do they have to match? Nowadays it seems mismatched is the way to go but I cannot find a photo, sample or magazine picture anywhere that shows mismatched leather pieces. Also, what type of chair(s) would you suggest and with what arrangement? Unfortunately, due to budge cuts, the present TV and entertainment center have to stay for now until the fund fairy returns to help us finish our basement and move the (flat screen) TV down there. Considering all that, what say you?


  1. I say get a love seat or one of those oversized leather chairs -- in a shade of gray or chocolate (to match the pillows in the pic) or a soft blue? Maybe Teal? Teal is the greatest color with chocolate-- I DID see (I believe it was in Real Simple) a soft blue sofa with deep chocolate lounger chairs. AND you can always keep the oversize ottoman -- when I come home I will help you re-cover it! *think staple gun, faux leather or leather from Jo-Ann Fabrics -- been there, done that!*

  2. Maybe you should gift the chair to Penny! If it's been loved by dogs and your house sitter, maybe it's time to be loved by a cat.

    My personal thoughts on your poll:


    **Mix and match leather with extreme caution!**

  3. I vote recliner - grandma has to rock. As for the color, blue would go nicely with your sofa in a suede leather.

  4. P.S. it would also draw out the colors from your rug and pillows.

  5. So I have an idea in the works with a lovely find on Craigslist so I will keep y'all posted!

    FYI - the oversized loveseat / ottoman is spoken for and the lovely recipient is merely waiting for us to find a replacement so he can take it off our hands.

  6. You need something that rocks. We seriously deprived Charly by not having any furniture in our house that rocks. Future Henrichs children will have something rocks.

  7. Jordan :: What I had my eye on was a rocker.

    All :: Then I figured out the budget and it looks like we'll be sticking with the old love seat for now. Boo. Time to get out the soapy water and a brush!



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