Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am a plant neophyte. I don't know how it happened. My grandma has plants, my mom has plants, my sister has plants. Somewhere along the gene pool my green thumb hitchhiked elsewhere. Until this year. A few months back I made the conscious decision to familiarize myself with some foliage for inside the house. Having no idea where to start, I called Mom. She trekked it up north one Saturday and I came home with four plants, four pots and some potting soil. Over the months, all but one have survived. The fallen was actually due to a broken pot incident, I believe involving Norman. For a beginner, I'd say my record is pretty par for the course.

Last April after my Dad's passing, I inherited about a dozen more plants. Plants of all shapes, sizes, colors and instructions. This dozen sat on my buffet and surrounding floor for close to two months. Until last Saturday. After donating about three or four plants to the neighbors, I went in search of pots for the rest. I hate shopping for pots. Hate. Loath. Would rather shop for anything else. They are so expensive! I never know what size to get, what material, how tall. Plus, I just plain can never find them.

My search started at Home Goods. Cheap was the name of my game and this store is pretty affordable. However, they had squat. Next was Target. I came out with one pot. Discouraged, I then visited Pier One. I don't know why I bothered. They had less then squat. After a quick Taco Bell run, my next stop was Home Depot. I knew Home Depot had pots because that's where I purchased a few of my beginners. I also know when I say pots are expensive, I'm specifically referring to Home Depot pots. As the karmic gods would have it, I remembered a $20 gift card to Home Depot that had been burning a hole in my billfold for months now. That and a helpful tip from a neighbor about a 3-for-1 deal on pots at the grocery store, I scored six pots for $30. If you know pots, you know that's a deal. We're talking good pots here too. Ceramic, pretty colors, drain trays attached; the works. I was elated to finally scratch this task off of my to do list and clear the clutter off of my buffet.

Disclosure: Luckily, no four-legged friends ever thought about marking a single plant. 

Kitchen atop the fridge - with a nice yellow leaf I just noticed
Norman and Leo's room atop the shelf
Guest room against the wall - no easy feat to move I might add
Guest room atop the night stand - I have the least confidence in this plant
The only plant to stay atop the buffet
My original favorite atop the entertainment center - although it just keeps losing leaves lately
This is one of my originals that had to be re-potted twice thanks to the Normster

The craziest plant I've ever seen sitting atop my one and only plant stand - I figured this one was safest near the floor due to it's intimidating appearance


  1. I like all the pots. Good work, Kali!

  2. Where's the darling varigated umbrella plant that you confiscated from me?



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