Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It all started with a box. A Kleenex box. This is the Kleenex box that inspired my now infamous bathroom. It's what I took into Sherwin Williams the day I went in search of paint. It's what turned my color wheel green, bright green. It's what's caused either joy or horror when visitors have entered or used our facilities. No matter others verdicts, personally, I love it.

I'm sorry to report, tragedy has struck Ruggles Street. I can no longer find this Kleenex box, anywhere, to purchase. Ever since the bathroom has been painted, I bought this exact box every time I went to Target. Sometimes I would come home with five boxes. When we went grocery shopping, I would have to stop in the tissue isle to see if there were any. Shawn would keep walking on with annoyance but it was the highlight of my market experience. I had a store-stocked shelve in my linen closet. Now, this very box you see above, is my last. In honor of it's apparent discontinuation, below is my homage to it and it's inspiration… my bathroom.


  1. save the up the side and refill from another box every time. then you don't have to ever be without it!! personally, I love the green :)

  2. Actually, make it the "cover" for other boxes! Just cut out the bottom and decopage the outside (to make it stiff). Cut off the TOP of the new box and slide it in...A thought!

    OR turn it into WALL ART --

    BTW - I always loved your bathroom color choice!



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