Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Staci over at Our Happily Ever After awarded me with the Honest Scrap Award. Part of accepting the award is telling 10 things about yourself. Instead of over thinking these (like I would tend to want to do), I'm going to rattle 10 things, off the cuff.

1. I hate pretreating laundry. There are four loads in my house. Whites, darks, reds and jeans.

2. Clutter=chaos

3. Dogs are THE best therapy.

4. I just pierced my nose on Saturday.

5. I'm currently self conscious about my feet. Sand volleyball and pedicures do not mix.

6. I have a new found love for onions. Cold, red onions are the best.

7. I still balance my check book.

8. My hair is the longest it's ever been and I love it.

9. I'm currently addicted to the Whip It soundtrack, K'naan's Wavin' Flag, the movie 27 Dresses (although I don't know why because I relate more to cynical man than the main actress), the Challenge on MTV and animal crackers for breakfast.

10. I enjoy blogging. I hate Facebook.

My top fave blogs (in no particular order) that I'm now presenting this award to:
Journe On by Sara
In the life of DREW by Drew
Two Plus One Makes Three by Jordan

I'd like to add a fourth in hopes that she will again be a part of the blogging world:
Team Cornstuble


  1. you pierced your nose!!?? wow!

  2. I was also shocked by that comment! Where's the pics?

  3. I wondered if anyone would comment on me just dropping that in there nonchalantly. I'll post some photos someday although it seems weird to take a pic of myself, or better yet, a closeup of my nose! It's just a small diamond stud in the crease of my left nostril. Some notice right away and some take a little longer and then ask if I've always had it pierced.

  4. I'm getting there. Still need to get pics up. BTW really want to see yours. When I get my "belly back" I'm piercing it again. :)

  5. ok its true my blog is boring so I'm not surprised to see it didn't make the top 4. Still...

    And onions??? Red ones? Odd but interesting!



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