Monday, June 14, 2010


In addition to the grilled cheese and french fries I eat, I veer off Maturity Main Street toward a few other alleys in life that are probably considered childish. I choose to coin these things, "reconnecting with my youth." These are the few things I do just because they make me feel like a kid again and therefore, make me smile. Case in point: I buy and wear cartoon band-aids. My reoccurring friend: Scooby Doo. My current infatuation: Toy Story.

I think everyone should do one or two or many things a kid would do. Everyone should do something silly for no other reason then it makes them smile. I dare you to look down at Buzz Lightyear on the same finger as your wedding ring and not crack a grin.

Tell me something you do that might be considered childish but always makes you smile?


  1. 1) I love to color -- I own crayons, coloring books and enjoy coloring every now and then
    2) I wear reindeer antlers -- its like a hairband but with reindeers and bells. Thing is, I wear them outside of the traditional holiday. They live in my car.
    3) I splash in puddles.

    I think that is enough humiliation for one day!

  2. I enjoy coloring, too, it's very relaxing..I especially love color by numbers. It satisfies my childish need and my need for direction and order.
    I also enjoy skipping down the street.

  3. I make loud noises for no reason at all;)



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