Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Recently, Sara and I were talking about masseuses, or more specifically, she was recommending hers to me. Somewhere midpoint, she made the comment that once you find a good masseuse, you never go elsewhere. This quickly curtailed the masseuse conversation and instead morphed into a quick list of other professionals you stick with, once you find "the one." Other examples: hair stylist, mechanic, and of course, the mecca of all professionals women cling to once they've found theirs - the obgyn. I would also personally add chiropractor, plumber and electrician to that list. The medical field is an obvious place for the need to find your essential match, but for us at Chez DeBoer, home repair is also another big area we crave expertise and advice in. We've had good luck so far thanks to our neighbors. Word of mouth truly is the greatest advertising.

After traveling this weekend, I'd like to make another addition to the list. For me, it is essential to find a good airline. This airline must possess skilled pilots who know how to descend and land an aircraft without making my stomach churn and making me feel like I'm going to get to know my neighbor very intimately because I'm going to ralph on him or her. US Airways failed, miserably. United, however, came through like the champ I needed on my travels home. You know it's been a swift landing when I can read until rubber hits the runway. I've flown enough now to where I'm usually okay leaving the doggy bag in the pocket in front of me but every once in a while the plane takes that nasty dip and I go pale with cold sweats and instinctively start swallowing like my neighbors clothes depend on it.

Thank heavens for the professionals out there who are not only great at their job, but are affordable, honest and worth a word-of-mouth recommendation. If anyone in the Twins Cities needs someone in the medical field, step up to my plate. Or anyone in the home repair field for that matter. Thanks to our shortcomings, we have a ridiculously large network or resourceful rescuers. For only being in Minnesota five years, I'd say we've grown quite the calling tree of people.

What are your essential professions? Or to put it better, who are your people?


  1. Here are a few I keep on speed dial....

    Andy: personal trainer

    Stacia: hair stylist

    Tom: tailor

    Regina: culinary master/catering

    Brian: florist

    Bethany: personal travel agent

    Brandon: mac genius

    Larisa: fashion/style consultant

    Bret: construction/builder

    Lacey: translator-spanish tutor

    Pete: who can find me tickets to just about any concert or show I want to see

  2. Man! I'm adding your people to my people! It's good to know people with people…



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