Tuesday, May 18, 2010


For my sister's sake, and sanity, I didn't take "before" photos. However, here are the infamous "afters" worth sharing. Picture the same floors in your mind - now cover them in toys, clothes, books, crayons, coloring books, puzzles, games, barbies, cars, stuffed animals, legos, sheets, pillows, blankets, ponytail holders… you get the point. That was what it was and what I fear it will end up eventually again because, well, kids are kids. With this posting, at least I'll always have proof that there is indeed carpet in those cute bedrooms and for at least one night, you could see it.

It makes me sad to think these were the only photos I took of any Cornstubles the entire week I was there. I was busy and I have the backache to prove it! I vow to do better in June. The Cornstubles are too cute not to.
The girlies in Ainsley's room
Love in the latrine

The girlies in Nats room (and Aunt Kali's room when she stays - no, not in the crib)

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