Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It's pretty well known that I have a wee case of OCD. I don't want to get into it (again) but let's just say that although I joke about it, it has reared it's ugly, debilitating head in the past; so much so that I ended up seeing a therapist, starting yoga and taking Celexa. Currently, I'm still practicing yoga, I've recently come off the Celexa and now I have a new, in-home therapist: Maci Mae. A mobile Mae Mo actually. She is crawling. I call it crab crawling because that's what her unconventional (and surprisingly efficient) method looks like. Suffice it to say, she's on the move and she's into EVERYTHING. Specifically: cords, vent covers, drawers, curtains, lamps, hinges and glass doors. We've started the baby proofing process but she's a daily dose of reality that despite our best efforts, there are just some things that can't be proofed. She's showing me that I don't always have (or need) control, accidents will happen, more things are drool-resistant than we first thought and sometimes it's just more fun to make a mess.

Also, things like my purse, can keep her occupied for upwards of 15 minutes. 

Paper products AND my purse? Upwards of 30 minutes. 

Less appealing items? Such as her toys ironically? 10 minutes tops. 

Five for a fake phone call…

…and five for practicing poise.

One issue we still have not resolved is what to do about the fireplace. Inevitably, it will just have to be about teaching her the dangers of the beast or waiting for her to accidentally experience them on her own. Or we'll just have her in bibs 24/7.

Aside from literal baby proofing, I'm also learning to let go of other things. For example, while I peek in her crib every single night before I go to bed (and yes, I still put my hand on her back to check and see if she's breathing), one thing I've stopped doing is "fixing" Maci's chosen sleeping position. Although I can't imagine this example actually being comfortable, I like to think she's practicing her inner yoga and therefore I must honor her space. Namaste.

I've also learned that try as I might, her hair will do what it wants to do. Let's face it…

…she is the product of her parents.

This is just a sampling of some of my recent sessions. Ultimately, Maci is at a fun age. She is developing quite the little personality and we're seeing the shift in our responsibilities. Before we just had to keep her alive. Now we have to actually teach her things. And I am not a teacher, Shawn is. In all actuality (and seriousness), I'm learning more from her then she'll ever learn from me.

Like how to drink from a big girl cup…

…and how to stop, smile and enjoy the sunshine.


  1. Oh man, you gotta love those bibs. I gotta send you a reminder picture on FB. This would be the time to dig out the tupperware...for Lexi that was a solid 30 minutes. Tupperware and wooden spoon!

    1. Dually noted! We've ventured into the world of rubber spatulas but we'll have to give the wooden spoon a go! Makes MUCH more noise.

  2. Actually for Lexi it was plastic Solo drinking cups at Grandma's house-stack them, roll them,knock them over silly! And then there's the hair thing-who cares what it looks like? On toddlers anything is cute and it is only to protect your scalp! Never in my life have I seen a more unique sleeping position! That's the point-she is unique and that's the way God made her-who can argue with that??!!

    1. Unique is an understatement. She's entertaining I'll give her that. She does LOVE those plastic cups though. And as for her sleeping position, let's just hope and pray she gets her Dad's spine – oy. Regarding the hair, I think the higher it's spiked, the better it looks – brings out those CURLS.

  3. Please don't mess with the curls. Do I have to post pics of a certain young red head??????? Got love them curls.

    1. Are ya kidding me? I try and accentuate anything she may have gotten from me. The other day I was ecstatic because I thought she had a freckle. Until I was able to rub it off. Then I was sad. But I'm still holding out hope…

    2. Yes! Yes, you do. Post them!



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